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Wet Chemical "Kitchen Use" Extinguisher: Suitable for use on Class F Fires

What is a Wet Chemical Extinguisher ??

6 litre Water Mist Spray unit with additive

It is an extinguisher that has been developed specifically for tackling "Fat Fryer / Cooking Oil" fires, which are the most difficult types of fire to extinguish safely

How does it work ??.............................

It is applied as a mist and it cools the burning oil/fat to below auto-ignition temperature, as well as reacting chemically with it, to form a soapy layer which seals the surface, once the fire is out it stays out, there is no chance of the fire re-igniting

Due to the high temperatures involved with cooking oil fires, the use of a normal fire extinguisher is not recommended, they are capable of briefly putting the fire out but cannot cool the temperature enough and in most cases the fire re-ignites

With the Wet Chemical extinguisher contamination of other areas and clean up times are significantly reduced in comparison to the conventional dry powder extinguishers

This extinguisher has been tested to the new draft British Standard 7937 and successfully put out the largest test fire, designated 75F, giving it the highest fire rating currently available