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Fire Extinguisher Training Course: - "Live Fire"

The Aim of the Course

To improve the fire awareness of people in all walks of life and to train them how to use extinguishers and the ability to assess whether a situation is safe to be tackled and if so how to do so safely

The course offers practical "Hands On - Live Fire" Training

The Objectives of the Course

To teach the students the causes of fire, how fire is sustained, what is needed to be done to extinguish the fire and how to do so safely, using the correct extinguisher in a given situation, we also give the student an awareness of fire prevention by good housekeeping and the implications of carelessness in fire issues

What is Fire ??

Fire is a chemical reaction called "Combustion"

Usually oxidation resulting in the release of heat and light

For an outbreak of fire to occur and continue the following are required:-

FUEL = a combustible substance either Solid, Liquid or Gas

OXYGEN = Air itself contains 21% Oxygen

HEAT = The attainment of a certain temperature

Once a fire has started it will usually maintain its own heat supply

Put all these ingredients together & the result is "FIRE"

Therefore it follows logically that if one or more of these ingredients is removed the fire will be extinguished

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