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Fire Alarms - Emergency Lighting Systems

Cleeve Fire Protection aims to offer you the customer a complete, comprehensive range of
fire protection services

So what could be more convenient than having one company Install, Service and Maintain your Fire Extinguishers, Fire Alarm and Emergency Lighting Systems

"One Call Does it All !!.........."

We Supply, Install, Service, Maintain and Commission, Hard Wired Conventional and Wireless Fire Alarm and Emergency lighting systems

We offer a "Free" no obligation Site Survey, Planning, Design & Quotation service

All our work is carried out in accordance with the relevant British Standards

Hard Wired Conventional Fire Alarm Systems

Conventional Panels are available in:-

1, 2, 4 or 8 Zone

All Panels Fully Comply with the relevant part(s) of BS5839

One-man test facility
Compact and stylish design
User friendly controls
Surface or semi-flush mounting as standard
Polycarbonate enclosure
Log book/manual located inside
Complies with EMC and LVD Directives

Full range of Hard Wired Accessories available:

Smoke Detectors
Heat Detectors
Call Points
Sounders and Bells
Interface Units

Radio Fire Alarm Systems

Radio (Wireless) Fire Alarm Systems provide a number of unique features that make them an ideal alternative to wired systems for many applications
Sensors can be fitted quickly
The fabric of the building is protected and undamaged
Disruptive installation works are kept to a minimum
Eliminates costly fire-rated cable
The system is fully portable
The system can be easily upgraded if required

With a radio system the need for lengthy installation times, unnecessary building work, unsightly cable and conduit are all gone...

Zerio Plus

Available as: 8 Zone Panel
  20 Zone Panel
  100 Zone Panel
Serious Alternative to any Wired System
Manufactured in the UK
A Fully Addressable, Compact, Reliable, Easy to Use Radio Fire Alarm System

Single frequency licence free radio system
with 72 hour standby

The system has been designed with fast installation, easy configuration, minimal disruption and overall low installation costs in mind

The system is housed in a small and very aesthetically pleasing metal enclosure, offering both style and durability.

The Zerio Plus system is the perfect solution for small domestic buildings as well as large commercial premises.

The panel although simple to use, offers sophisticated features more commonly seen in larger hardwired equivalents.

up to:
240 Radio Devices
can be installed on the system

making the system ideal for all types of projects and buildings such as:-

HMO's, Guest Houses, Hotels, B&B's, Offices, Residential Homes as well as Small and Large Commercial Premises

The system fully complies with:-
BS5839 and the new European Specification for radio fire alarm systems EN54: Part 25
The low profile and sleek design of the wireless detection devices is esthetically pleasing to the eye.

Each device is supplied with a base unit, all feature an internally housed aerial and battery pack

The 5000 FirePoint Controllers are available in:

4, 12, 24 and 96 Zone versions

Meeting the requirements of BS 5839: Part 4 and EN 54/2

Easy to read display and simple to use controls & can be fully networked either by radio or hard-wire

252 radio devices per controller
Repeater panel facility
Zonal LEDs
Full configuration and cause-effect programming by PC
Simple menu driven user interface

The sensors have no visible aerials and are low profile, aesthetically pleasing designs. Each device is battery powered with a typical 5-year life

Providing reliable fire detection solutions for most applications the comprehensive sensor range includes:

Multi-Sensor, combining both smoke and heat
Optical smoke
Combined Sensor/Base Sounder
available with either smoke, heat or multi-sensor heads

The 5000 FirePoint System is supported by a range of radio based ancillaries. All are fully monitored and field devices are battery powered with a 5-year typical life

Addressable call-point
Voice Sounder
Audio Speech Evacuation Module
Strobe beacon
Combined sounder/strobe
Addressable I/O unit
Addressable remote sounder module
Radio range extenders (transponders)


Wedging open fire doors is illegal and dangerous

Dorgard is a safe, legal and cost effective solution to help prevent the spread of fire and smoke

Dorgard is battery operated and provides a wire-free solution for legally holding open fire doors in any position

Quick Installation
Complies with BS EN 1155
Automatically releases the fire doors when the fire alarm sounds
Automatic night-time release facility

Dorgard is suitable for most environments:-
e.g. offices, care homes and hotels that have an automatic fire detection system installed

Emergency Lighting


8 Watt fluorescent emergency bulkhead light fitting
Maintained and Non-Maintained in the same unit
3 Hour Emergency Use
Red Charging LED indicator
Requires 1 x 300mm 8W T5 White Flu. tube (included)
Complete with self adhesive legends
Suitable for Outdoors
Standards: CE Approved + BS EN 60598-2-22

Diffuser Material: Polycarbonate
Rated Luminaire Output: 70 Lumens
Discharge Duration: 3 hours after minimum 24Hr charge
Battery: 2.4V - 4.5Ah Ni-Cad
Ingress Protection: IP65

Length : 345mm
Width : 120mm
Proj : 75mm
Max W : 8W


16 Watt Circular fluorescent energy saving 2D luminaire
3 Hour Emergency Use
Red Charging LED indicator
Requires 1 x 16W 2D GR10q 4 pin tube (included)
Unobtrusive low profile
Quick fit gear tray and diffuser
Dimensions (Diameter / Depth) 285mm x 100mm
Standards: CE Approved + Kite Marked + BS 4533
Ingress Protection: IP53

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